Egylis provides cloud-based and mobile digital solutions for businesses.

Egylis solutions for each business

#Scheduling Automation

Discover the power of booking automation, for your point of sales, your business events, or for your product testing.

Our solutions for Scheduling automation


Reinvent your training experiences to energize learning and optimize feedback

Our solutions for your trainings
Move-On Access
Mobile real-time check-in, email and SMS notifications


Address the various needs of your marketing, sales or logistics teams, throughout your events.

Our solutions for event management:


Extend, customize and enrich your CRM tools for your field teams.

Our solutions for customer relationship:



Benefit from our digital solutions to optimize the customer recruitment process.

Our solutions for marketing and communication :


Drive your field teams and optimize your processes with efficient digital solutions..

Our solutions for your infrastructure :


Improve your sales teams’ efficiency with tools that optimize their mobility and reporting.

Our solutions for your sales forces :

Our solutions

Our story


Since 2006, Egylis has a leading position in digital solutions for Event management.

An independent company since its creation, Egylis provides its customers with cloud-based and mobile digital solutions improving the operational efficiency of their staff and the marketing and sales impact of their products.

With a set of developers, designers, project managers, each with a common passion for digital and new technologies, our team works to enrich and improve every day our solutions and ready to use services.

Egylis can efficiently customize its solutions to each customer needs and rapidly deploy and run the services according to the events and field requirements. Available and highly qualified, our teams accompany yours in the field for the success of your projects.


Egylis develops and runs innovating digital services that improve your team’s productivity and product visibility allowing you to have a better impact on your prospects and customers.


We work hard to offer our customers ready to use services developed from a continuous R & D and enrichment process of our on-line platform.


Since its creation, Egylis has developed a trustful relationship with its clients. Our ability to listen to our customers issues allows us to adapt our solutions and respond quickly to their needs. With this attitude, Egylis have been accompanying some of our customer for over a decade.

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